What To Do If Your Dental Crown Falls Off – Don’t Panic!

Dental crowns are really strong and durable. But eventually, it’s possible for the dental cement that holds them in place to wear out, and your crown can fall off. This is particularly true if you eat lots of sticky or gummy foods.

But what should you do if your dental crown falls off? First, don’t panic. Then, take a look at these step-by-step instructions from Bravo Family Dentistry, and get the help you need if you’ve lost a crown in Kyle, TX.

1. Contact Bravo Family Dentistry ASAP For An Appointment

Losing a dental crown is a serious dental emergency. This is because the tooth below your crown is weak and prone to damage and decay once it’s been exposed. To protect your tooth, you need to have it reattached or replaced ASAP. 

So don’t wait. Contact Bravo Family Dentistry. We offer same-day emergency care in Kyle, TX. Give us a call at (512) 537-4892 and tell us about your situation, and we’ll do our best to fit you in right away. 

2. Recover, Rinse Off, And Save Your Crown

Once you’ve contacted us and scheduled an appointment, recover your crown. If it’s in good shape and is not broken, it’s usually possible to simply reattach it to your tooth. This is a much simpler, faster, and cheaper procedure, compared to building a brand-new crown.

If your crown is dirty or covered with food, rinse it off with warm water. Then, put it into a small plastic baggie or container, and remember to bring it in with you when you come to Bravo Family Dentistry for your appointment.

3. Protect Your Tooth Until Your Appointment

It’s best to get your crown replaced on the same day it falls off, if possible. If you can get a same-day appointment at our office, there’s no need to take any other special steps to protect your tooth. But if you are in a lot of discomfort or you need to wait a day or two before you see Kyle dentist Dr. Matthew Dekow, you may want to visit a drugstore to pick up some temporary dental cement or dental wax. 

You can apply one of these products to your tooth to cover it up, protect it, and relieve discomfort and sensitivity until you see a dentist. Apply the product according to the package’s instructions, and avoid chewing on that side of your mouth as much as possible.

4. See Dr. Dekow To Have Your Crown Reattached Or Replaced

Remember to bring your crown in with you to Bravo Family Dentistry. At your appointment, Dr. Dekow will examine your crown and your tooth, and determine whether your crown can be reattached, or if it has to be replaced with a new crown. If your crown can be reattached, Dr. Dekow will simply clean your tooth and your crown, then use dental cement to attach it to the tooth once again. 

If you need a new crown, Dr. Dekow will take impressions and images of your mouth. He will send these to a dental lab, where a new crown will be built. Then, he will place a temporary crown on your tooth to protect it. In about 2-3 weeks, you’ll come back to our office to have your temporary crown removed, and to have your permanent crown placed on your tooth.

Lost Your Crown In Kyle, TX? Contact Us Today!

Dr. Dekow specializes in emergency dentistry in Kyle, TX. Whether you’ve lost a crown or you’re having any other serious oral health issue, our team is standing by to help. And with same-day care at Bravo Family Dentistry, you can get the treatment you need ASAP. Call us now at (512) 537-4892 to schedule your appointment and get care right away.

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