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Dr. Dekow’s “Why” 

As someone with many interests and skills, Dr. Dekow’s “why” when it comes to dentistry boils down to one thing: the people. If you consider yourself a pretty anxious person when it comes to getting dental treatments, Dr. Dekow is your dentist. He is patient, offers an ear to listen, and enjoys collaborating with patients to find the best solution for you as an individual. Once you sit in his chair, you will be a patient for life! 

All Of Your Dentistry Needs Taken Care Of 

Our service scope is intentional in that we care about making an impact on the look and functionality of your smile. We want you to be able to eat, smile and talk everyday without having to think about it. From preventive care to smile makeovers, our job is to find solutions so you can enjoy the rewards of a healthy, beautiful smile.

We Want To Make Life A Little Easier

Not only does our office offer comprehensive oral health care services, we go above and beyond with the details as well. It’s important for us that your time spent in our office is relaxing and welcoming which is why we take care to maintain comforting amenities. Sip a beverage while you fill out forms or enjoy a warm neck pillow in-service. Need a distraction? In-ceiling televisions are a great way for you to find comfort while we do the work!

Make Bravo Family Dentistry Your Smile Home!

The testimonials speak for themselves, but we care more about individual experiences over our reputation at Bravo. Life is hectic, and it might sound a bit unconventional, but if our office can be a place of respite for you, that’s our wish. We enjoy all aspects of dentistry but what’s most important are the human connections we have the privilege of making everyday! 

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